Martelli Crime Family

National Clan/Crime Syndicate [N.C.S]

The reason the NCS was made because there is not alot of people or groups out there we can trust so we built this commission to evaluate our allies to see whos worthy

National Clan Syndicate Members

  1. Martelli Crime Family
  2. The Network
  3. Cerebral Caelum Organization

Original Community Rules

  1. No hacking/moding  or hostbooting
  2. keep Grand theft auto matters in grand theft auto remember at the end of the day it's only role play
  3. IF you have an issue with another clan try to resolve it like an adult before resulting in spawnkilling
  4. posting videos of your family on social sites is frowned upon because mafia don't have youtube accounts
  5. to assassinate another player it must only be done by a hitman. to do this you must join a enemy game kill the selected player leave the game and send out a message with the time date and the weapon you killed the player with